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“Lilly was wonderful. This is my first time with electrolysis and I am truly grateful that some like Lilly walked me through it. She made the experience easy, comfortable, and constantly asked about comfort during the process making it easy to remove the hair. I highly recommend not only for technique but also if you’re looking for someone who understands the emotional toll that unwanted hair causes. Very informative and will work with your schedule too. Just all around great experience. Thank you, Lilly!"

Bridget R, OH

Before and After 

This was a 60 minute session on the chin area. After a hair removal session is complete, it is very common for some redness to be on the skin. 

This was a 60 minute session on the upper lip area. The left side of the lip is not pictured but was cleared in this session. 

This was a 30 minute session on the upper lip area. Since everyones skin reacts differently, some people have no redness after a session at all. 

This was a 90 minute session on the neck and chin area. I offer longer appointments for larger areas upon request. 

This was a 45 minute session on the chin and neck area. Swelling and welting are also common reactions to treatment but do not happen to everyone. It is apart of the bodies natural healing process and will dissipate a few hours after the appointment. 

This was a 15 minute session on the chin area. The are few hairs in this area making 15 minutes the perfect time slot for treatment. 

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